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Personal Injury

Stuart Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury LawyersWith over 20 years of experience, the attorneys of LaBovick Law Group have the legal acumen and expertise necessary to ensure personal injury clients receive the compensation to which they are entitled. Victims have a limited time to file a claim; immediately after an accident or incident, then, it is critical that you engage the right Stuart personal injury lawyer. Now is the time to stand up for your rights; we can help. Need answers quickly? Try our free personal injury case calculator to see how much your personal injury case could be worth.

In the hours and days immediately following an accident, you may not know what steps to take. In a state of shock, and perhaps pain, making clear decisions is often difficult. Just take the first step by speaking with a qualified Injury Lawyer in Stuart.

We put our client’s needs first. We have been handling a wide array of personal injury cases since 1992, fighting for our clients to make sure that they have the aggressive reputation that they deserve. Nearly 200 accidents occur every minute in the United States. If you are unlucky enough to be involved in one at the hands of a reckless, careless, or negligent party, you deserve to have the best representation possible.

Car Accidents

Over 40,000 people die from injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents each year. This number is staggering, but even non-fatal injuries can be severe and life-altering as well. Victims also experience emotional distress while dealing with medical expenses, lost wages, and other financial aspects of the accident. Looking for more information? Download our free automotive accident guide before contacting attorneys.

You may be entitled to financial compensation. One of the biggest mistakes that most people involved in a car accident make is taking the first offer from the insurance company. As profit-generating entities, their goal is to minimize their exposure, even if it means minimizing your pay-out. Contact an injury lawyer in Stuart immediately after you secure medical help; you are much more likely to receive a favorable — and fair — settlement. We deal aggressively with the insurance company so that you don’t have to. Get started with our online automotive accident case evaluation tool.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can cause even more damage than car accidents, namely due to the size difference in vehicles. Truck accidents have increased over 20% in the past twenty years. It is important to note that there are specific regulations that those driving trucks, and filling out paperwork for these types of accidents, need to understand. Finding a Stuart personal injury attorney who knows how to handle truck accidents properly is essential. Try our online truck accident case evaluation tool to see if you have a case.

Nursing Home Abuse

When you make the difficult decision to put your loved one in a nursing home, you do so hoping they will be well taken care of. While the majority of senior citizens are, there are many who are mistreated whether willfully or through neglect. In today’s world, some administrators worry more about the bottom line than they do the health and well being of their patients. Understaffing and inadequate care are just a few of the reasons why it’s important to contact us if you believe that your loved one is not receiving adequate care. Request a free consultation to get in touch with a Stuart Personal Injury Attorney.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Florida residents are required to get PIP, or personal injury protection, insurance, coverage that is designed to be no-fault. This means that medical bills and lost wages are paid no matter who, or what, instigated the accident. These types of policies are of no help to motorcycle drivers.You need specialized protection. If you own or enjoy riding motorcycles, consider purchasing uninsured motorist and property damage coverage, as well as specialized PIP coverage for motorcycles. Use our online motorcycle accident case evaluation tool.

Common Causes of Truck Accident
  • Poor Maintenance – If a truck is not maintained properly, there can be failures in the steering, brake, and other critical systems.
  • Tire Blowouts – Blowouts typically happen suddenly. This can cause serious harm to the driver of the truck, as well as those around them.
  • Failure to Secure Cargo – Trucks with improperly loaded cargo are subject to tipping and other accidents.
  • Lack of Reflectors – The wrong reflectors, or those installed in the wrong place, can pose a serious risk.
  • Driver Fatigue – Driver fatigue is one of the leading causes of truck accidents; there are strict regulations governing driving hours, but they are not always followed as rigorously as they should be.


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