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Bus Accident

Palm Beach Gardens Bus Accident Attorney

Have you or someone you know been involved in a bus accident? Contact a LaBovick LaBovick & Diaz bus accident lawyer at 561-625-8400 or toll-free to speak to a Palm Beach Gardens personal injury lawyer for expert legal counsel regarding your accident today. Don’t forget to use our free online case bus accident case calculator to see how much your case could be worth.

Bus accidents, specifically a school bus accident, occur way too often across the country each day. They not only happen in the schoolyard but also on the roads between other buses or other motor vehicles. If you have been involved in a bus accident or a school bus accident, the driver of the bus might not be the only party at fault. Speak with a Palm Beach Gardens bus accident attorney to find out of the city or local township is also at fault in the accident.

Another party that can be held liable for a bus accident, specifically a school bus accident, is the local school district. In some cases, the mass transit system has been held liable for accidents that have occurred. Injuries that can be caused by school bus accidents include paralysis, loss of limb, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, severe trauma to other areas of the body and even death.

School bus crashes can be caused by negligence on the part of the driver or because students on the bus or around the bus have been goofing off or playing around, ultimately leading to the accident.

Statistics show that school bus accidents are one of the most common types of motor vehicle accidents in the country each year, with more than 17,000 students visiting hospitals each year to be treated for injuries sustained in these accidents.

Children are most at-risk at a bus stop because they are so small and it is difficult for bus drivers and other motorists to notice them from a distance.

Palm Beach Gardens Bus Accident Lawyer Responsibilities:

  • The attorney will talk with both insurance companies involved from both parties.
  • The lawyer will handle the victim’s medical bills.
  • The investigators hired by the attorney will take pictures of the collision scene.
  • The investigators will interview any and all witnesses to the incident.

Always wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching on foot, wait for the bus away from traffic and the street, always check for other vehicle that aren’t stopping when exiting the bus and all traffic is required to stop at least ten feet from a school bus.

The florida lawyers of LaBovick LaBovick & Diaz can help you get compensation you deserve if you suffered injures while riding a bus or in an auto accident which involved a bus. Call us or contact our Palm Beach Gardens attorneys to discuss your case with our attorneys. Don’t forget to use our free online case bus accident case calculator to see how much your case could be worth.

Our bus accident lawyers can serve those living throughout Florida, including Palm Beach County, the Treasure Coast, Palm Beach, Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boynton Beach, Stuart, Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs and Wellington.

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