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Maritime Law

Boston Maritime Attorney

Maritime AttorneyFrom the Cape to the Harbor, Massachusetts offers some of the finest boating opportunities in the country. Boston is also a major international seaport and launch point for cruises to destinations all over the globe. While our waters provide ample opportunities for commerce and recreation, they also bring unique legal challenges.

The laws governing navigable waters are significantly different from those that regulate land. Seeking compensation or remedy for injuries and grievances that occur on waterways that are used for interstate and international transport are complex; our Boston maritime attorneys have the specific expertise you need to navigate rough legal waters successfully.


The World of Maritime Law

If personal injury attorneys are the general practitioners of the law world, think of maritime lawyers as specialists. The LaBovick Law Group is experienced in handling all maritime legal needs, including:

  • Boat collisions
  • Recreational boat accidents
  • Ship and yacht fires
  • Seaman’s personal injury
  • Cruise ship-related injuries
  • Maritime liens and transnational work

Our work encompasses a variety of vessels, including commercial, cargo, cruise, and casino ships, fishing vessels, tugboats, towboats, freighters, barges, and tankers. Maritime law extends to injuries and accidents sustained on docks and piers as well.

Each state has different laws when it comes to maritime incidents; this is why it is critical that you consult with a top Massachusetts attorney.


How a Maritime Lawyer Can Help You

Working within a specified area of the law, maritime and boat accident lawyers understand the distinct complexities your case presents. Statutes of limitation are one such piece of the overall puzzle. If you are injured on a cruise ship, for example, the clock begins ticking immediately. Typically, you have less than 12 months to submit a claim against the cruise operators; in many cases, this timeline is shortened to just six months.

Additionally, you must often file suit in a specific city (i.e. the city in which the cruise line is registered). While this “forum selection clause” is written in your contract with the cruise line, it is buried deep in fine print. Failure to comply, however, can impede your ability to receive appropriate compensation for your injuries. This is a loophole that we will close when working on your case.

Maritime law is peppered with often obscure regulations and requirements such as those mentioned above. To ensure you receive a fair and just resolution, call on the experience of a qualified Boston maritime attorney. Try our free online maritime case evaluation tool.


Working at Sea

When you work on the water, your job is never simple or easy. Risk is ever present. The Jones Act seeks to protect offshore employees – but you must prove you meet the definition of a “seaman” and that your injury occurred on a qualified vessel. Injured at work? Try out our free online Jones act case evaluation tool.

This is often neither simple nor easy. An experienced Jones Act lawyer will help you build your case, develop compelling evidence, and fight for your rights against large corporations and insurance companies.

The Seaman’s Act is another law protecting those who work at sea; similar to the protections provided to factory workers, it includes regulations for wages, rations, safety, and more. If your employer is violating the law in these areas, consult with our team. Our job is to ensure you can do your job – effectively and safely.

Again, when you suffer an accident or injury at work, the statute of limitation is three years. Do not wait to contact a maritime lawyer with experience in Jones Act and Seaman’s Act cases. We will begin preparing a thorough, well-researched, and credible case.


Smooth Sailing

Whether the water provides you with employment or leisure, your safety is the top priority. An injury or accident that occurs on navigable waters can impact your ability to earn income, provide for yourself and your family, cover the cost of care and for the basics of daily living. It can result in acute medical distress and even life-altering conditions.

Seeking a legal remedy is your right; our experienced maritime team acts as your advocate and ally in obtaining compensation and relief. While the law does not always provide for smooth sailing – insurance companies and corporations are interested, often exclusively, in limiting their exposure and minimizing your payout – our team will take the helm and ensure you are protected throughout the process.


Contact Our Maritime Law Experts

The LaBovick Law Group has decades of experience serving clients and providing aggressive, and effective, representation in maritime cases. When you are struggling with the aftermath of an injury or accident that occurred on the water, contact us immediately for a consultation. Together, we will determine the optimal way to proceed towards a successful resolution.

Boston’s beautiful waters offer endless opportunities for business, employment, and leisure. When accidents or injuries occur, however, protect yourself. Start by contacting our team.

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