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PIP Claims & Collections

Boca Raton PIP Claims Attorney

Personal Injury Protection coverage, known as PIP, is a no-fault insurance that all Florida motorists are required to carry. PIP insurance covers accident-related expenses, including medical treatment, lost wages, and death benefits. Unfortunately, many insurance companies have their own agendas when it comes to reimbursing medical providers – too often providers’ PIP claims are reduced or denied. If this occurs, it is vital to contact a Boca Raton PIP collection attorney at LaBovick Law Group to advocate on your behalf. Get in contact with a Boca Raton PIP Local Attorney today.

Your Boca Raton PIP collection lawyer is here to help you to recoup the funds that you, the medical treatment facility, deserve. Our lawyers aggressively take on the insurance companies to ensure that they pay out the funds as they are contractually required to do.

LaBovick Law Group offers a free consultation to determine how best to maximize your PIP fee recovery. Our fees are paid by the insurance company; we work tirelessly to ensure you receive every dollar to which you are entitled. Start your free PIP case consultation now.

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