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FREE Guide to the Disabling Conditions Eligible for SSD

Download Your FREE Guide to the Disabling Conditions Eligible for Social Security Disability | LaBovick Law Group& DiazMany people do not realize the extent to which a disability impacts one’s life. The effects are not just physical and/or mental; they are financial and emotional. They affect your family, your social life, and your ability to provide security for yourself and your family. A disability touches virtually every aspect of daily living – and can prevent you from planning for a fulfilling future.

Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance is designed to act as a safety net for individuals who cannot work because of a physical or mental disability. The Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a list of conditions considered so severe that they automatically qualify people who suffer from them for benefits. This eBook examines the conditions eligible for SSD – and provides information about what to do if your condition is not on the list. Fill out the form below to download your free copy today.

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