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Elliot Sokoloff Of-Counsel

Elliot J. Sokolff, Esq., brings extensive personal injury expertise and keen strategic acumen to LaBovick Law Group. As an “Of Counsel” attorney, Mr. Sokoloff lends his decades of legal experience to those who require assistance in matters such as car accidents, wrongful death, personal injury, worker’s compensation, and more. He seamlessly blends in-depth knowledge of the law with compassion for clients, helping them navigate complex legal terrain with greater confidence.

As a student, Mr. Sokoloff had a dual interest in the law and entrepreneurship. He earned a degree in Applied Economics and Business Management from Cornell University and won the Mariani Prize in Entrepreneurship through the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell. He went on to attend the International Legal Studies Program at the prestigious Tulane University Law School. Here, Mr. Sokolff had the opportunity to study at Cambridge University, Fiztwilliam College, and Cite Universite in Paris.

Mr. Sokoloff earned his juris doctor at the University of Miami School of Law and completed a clerkship with the Legal Aid Society of Miami-Dade County. He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1993 (and remains licensed in Florida, as well as New York and the District of Columbia). Capping off that eventful year, he co-founded Sokoloff & Weinstein, P.A., Attorneys at Law.

Active in the legal community, Mr. Sokoloff is a member of the American Bar Association, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the Association of Florida Trial Lawyers, and other key industry associations. Additionally, through his firm’s internship program, Mr. Sokoloff has empowered law students to hone their skills and further their knowledge. In conjunction with area high schools, younger students have also had the opportunity to experience practical education in a law office setting.

An experienced attorney, Mr. Sokoloff is dedicated to providing his clients with sound, well-informed advice. While his clients deal with difficult circumstances, his guidance and expertise ensures they can achieve successful outcomes.

Seth Weinstein Of-Counsel

As “Of Counsel” attorney for LaBovick Law Group, legal veteran Seth Weinstein provides decades of experience and expertise to clients. Specializing in personal injury law, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, professional negligence, worker’s compensation, product liability, and more, Mr. Weinstein’s knowledge and insight is critical in helping clients achieve the best possible outcomes.

Mr. Weinstein was an accomplished student at Brandeis, graduating Cum Laude before moving on to the University of Miami School of Law. He completed internships with Lerner and Pearce, P.A. and the Legal Aid Society of Miami-Dade before earning his Juris Doctor in 1993. Not letting the dust settle, Mr. Weinstein co-founded Sokoloff & Weinstein, a firm dedicated to assisting clients in personal injury law. He continues as co-director to this day.

Mr. Weinstein is a member of the Florida Bar, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and Business Network International (BNI). He is active in his community as well: he is a Hebrew School Teacher at Temple Beit Hayam and previously served as adjunct professor at Broward College. Through his firm, Mr. Weinstein encourages students to pursue an education in the law and provides them with practical experience in a law office setting.

When clients experience personal injury or other legal difficulties, they have a passionate advocate in Mr. Weinstein. He is known for his knowledge and his commitment to his clients.

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Brian Keane Of-Counsel

Brian Keane is a trial attorney and proctor in admiralty. As an “Of Counsel” attorney, Mr. Keane brings to LaBovick Law Group a wealth of legal knowledge about admiralty and maritime law, as well as personal injury law. Mr. Keane has extensive experience representing injured people, especially workers, in and out of court.

Mr. Keane graduated from Suffolk University before attending the Suffolk University Law School. After law school, he served as associate attorney at Long and Houlden, a well-respected personal injury law firm associated with the insurance giant AIG.

Leveraging key legal lessons learned during his tenure at Long and Houlden, Mr. Keane became founding partner of The Kaplan Bond Group, P.C., a firm known for such landmark cases as Stewart v. Dutra Construction Co., 543 U.S. 481 (2005), in which the United States Supreme Court redefined what types of watercraft could be considered “vessels,” expanding the rights of injured seamen nationwide.

Mr. Keane opened his own practice, Keane Law Group, in 2016. Keane and his team are members of the Massachusetts and American Bar Associations. His law firm practices regularly in state and federal courts including the Massachusetts State Court, Massachusetts Federal Court, First Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Court of Appeals and Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Keane is also a member of the American Association for Justice.

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