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Settlement – 285K

John Kilinski

PI – Trucking

This was a multiple party case wherein the truck negligently caused a chain reaction wreck. Our client was the second car hit. The impact threw his car forward into the car in front of him. This caused him to undergo a cervical rhizotomy.


The insurance coverage was split among three injured claimants. The driver of the vehicle that was initially hit by the truck had to undergo a cervical fusion and was scheduled for a surgical shoulder procedure.


LaBovick Law Group was able to leverage the parties involved so that our client was properly and fully compensated for his injures. Our client covered all of his medical bills, and he was able to put most of his money into his bank account as compensation for his pain and suffering.

Confidentiality XXX,XXX agreement

Linda Payment

PI – Maritime/Cruise accident

In this case our client slipped and fell on water that had accumulated near the hot tubs/showers on the Lido deck of a major cruise line ship. The client suffered torn ligaments to her shoulder that required 2 arthroscopic surgeries. The cruise line took the position that the condition on the floor was open and obvious. LaBovick Law Group was able to convince the cruise line that the condition was dangerous and hidden. The client covered her medical costs and put away a lot of money needed for her injuries.


Jon Sampson

PI – Settlement Auto

The defendant ran a stop sign and t-boned our client. The defendant disputed this fact and LaBovick needed to first win the issue of liability before getting to damages.


Our client suffered a lower back/lumbar injury and received numerous injections to his spine. He also underwent a surgical procedure called a rhizotomy.


The defense also took the position that our clients medical bills were not billed correctly. They also disputed that the low speed of the collision could injure the Plaintiff. They hired a biomechanics expert who testified the injury did not match up to the speed of the accident. LaBovick Law Group was able to depose the billing/coding expert AND the biomechanics engineering expert and determined that both of the defendant’s paid experts had a numerous inaccuracies in their expert opinions!  After discrediting these “experts” the defendant offered a huge increase in their offer and the Settlement finally inured to the plaintiff’s benefit.

Confidentiality XXX,XXX agreement

Michael Parker

PI – Premises Liability

This was a very difficult case from a liability standpoint. Client slipped on water while exiting the restaurant. The liquid was placed on the floor by an employee who was mopping. The employee had put out a yellow caution cone that the client literally fell into during his fall.


LaBovick Law Group was able to obtain the video of the incident before the plaintiff’s deposition by filing a 150 page motion with 66 attached orders from around the state. This excellent motion practice saved the case by letting us prepare our client properly.


Here our client suffered a terrible humeral fracture. We deposed the restaurant manager and were able to elicit testimony that the staff were improperly trained. We found that their cleaning procedures were not followed and that because of an error in timing our client fell during this incident.


LaBovick Law Group was able to secure a large settlement for the Plaintiff which covered all his past and future medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering damages!

50K policy limits

Debra Deason

PI Auto

Sadly this case only had a small policy limit.  Here our client executed an untimely U-turn into oncoming traffic.  As she turned an oncoming car hit her from behind.  She suffered from a brain injury and had little to no memory of the event.


The defendant’s insurance company placed the entire fault on our client.  They would not give her any money for her medical treatment or her settlement. After our client’s deposition, we filed a Proposal For Settlement with the court for the policy limits of the defendant.  We deposed the defendant in the case. We obtained testimony from the defendant that was detrimental to the defendant’s theory of liability.  Once we had some evidence of fault the defense was forced to tender to LaBovick Law Group the full policy limits.



hearing approved 7/25/18, fee received 12/11/18

Brian Alton

Practice area: SSD
Type of case: T2
Amount of settlement: we received a full fee

Why is was justice: Clmt is on the verge of being homeless. This case was difficult because clmts DLI was 2016. His only medical treatment prior to 2016 was one visit with Dr. Trejo in 2014 and then prior medical records in 2011 and 2012.



hearing held 7/5/18 (bench approval), fee received 10/10/18

Genetta Turner

Practice area: SSD
Type of case: T2
Amount of settlement: we received a full fee

Why is was justice? Claimant was receiving widowers benefits based upon her children, once her last child hit the age of 18 those benefits were stopped (5/18/18). Clmt was left without an income with her husband having passed away in 2000. Claimant was a stay at home mom, with no past work. We were able to get her disabled as of her 55th birthday with a medium RFC under the GRID Rules.



hearing held 7/25/18, approval September 2018. Fee received 10/08/18

Maribel Perez

Practice area: SSD
Type of case: T2
Amount of settlement: full fee received

Why is was justice? Claimant was previously denied at the hearing stage, different representation. This hearing denial noted her symptoms as non-severe. We were able to get her approved this time around with a DLI of 12/31/15 and an AOD of 6/6/15, very short window. This was a hard fought win with an argument made to the Judge that the prior Judge failed to consider Clmts psoriatic arthritis as severe, citing to multiple medical records supporting diagnosis, treatment and severity.



hearing held 8/2/18, favorable decision received 9/11/18.

David Bell

Practice area: SSD
Type of case: T16 – SSI only
Amount of settlement: pending fee

Why is was justice? Claimant is homeless with severe psychiatric limitations. He was a referral from ST. Ann’s place which is a day shelter that provides meals and a place for individuals to bath and wash their clothing. Claimant has a social worker that helps him with every aspect of his life. He has uncontrolled diabetes with neuropathy and nephropathy (CKD III). Claimant is easily confused and not mentally competent. He truly needed an advocate so as to obtain these benefits.



hearing held 8/10/18, bench approval, fee received 12/4/18

James Smallen

Practice area: SSD
Type of case: T2
Amount of settlement: full fee received

Why is was justice? Claimant stage 5 kidney disease with no insurance. He is on dialysis and currently awaiting a transplant. We were able to get his case approved with an AOD of 2/15/15 even though his CKD 5 was not diagnosed until September 2017. SSA had previously denied his case noting Claimant would perform a light RFC. We argued his conditions, along with his age and work history should find him disabled back in 2015, not as of the 9/6/17 date when he went on the transplant list. This was a huge win for the clmt not only because of the 2 additional years of back pay but also Medicare would go into effect for him immediately.