Guide to Distracted Driving

The days of driving and focusing solely on the road are gone.  Unfortunately, drivers today are doing a myriad of things while behind the wheel.  This is called distracted driving and it is the [...]

Holiday Woes – Financial Planning with Disability

The Holiday season can be a financially challenging time of year, especially if you aren’t able to work. You want to be generous, spreading holiday cheer through charity and gifts to loved ones. [...]

How Workers’ Compensation Laws are Changing

Happy Holidays from the LaBovick, Labovick & Diaz Workers’ Compensation team. Florida Workers’ Compensation laws are changing on a yearly basis. The past two years have brought a welcomed [...]

How do the Police Determine Who’s at Fault in a Car Accident?

After a car accident, it is always important to call the police to the scene to complete a report.  This report will provide your attorney with necessary information in order to put all parties, [...]

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Let’s start off by stating the absolute truth: there is no safe way to ride a motorcycle. No matter how safe you ride, how many precautions you take, and how much equipment you have, you cannot [...]

Guide to Safe Driving on New Year’s Eve

Without a doubt, New Year’s Eve is a night to celebrate and party with friends and family. However, while we celebrate the fresh start of a new year, countless lives will be lost or devastated [...]

Geico Billed Amount Class Action and What it Means to You

We here at LaBovick Law Group would like to report another victory for Medical Providers in the great State of Florida!  The Fifth District Court of Appeals recently ruled on a crucial issue [...]

What’s the Difference Between SSD and SSI?

Social Security is a federal program that provides financial benefits to retired or disabled individuals. This program was set up by the federal government and is required for all workers earning [...]

How to Avoid Injury at your Office Holiday Party

The holiday season is upon us. Our loved ones are traveling to celebrate with us. Only weeks remain in 2017. Most of our employers have an annual Office Holiday Party. These parties are grand [...]

What to do After a Workplace Injury

When work accidents occur in Florida, oftentimes employees do not know the steps to take to ensure the claim is PROPERLY REPORTED and filed. It’s very important to report the accident [...]

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