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Key Aspects of Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida

December 13, 2016 1:32 pm | Categorised in:

Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida has drastically changed in the past year-and-a-half. Prior to the Supreme Court of Florida’s decisions in Westphal and Castellanos, Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida gave an unfair competitive advantage to companies across the state. Many injured workers gave up their right to receive medical benefits and to hire a South Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer, as they assumed the effort was futile. In light of the current Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida, every injured worker should know the key aspects of Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida to maximize recovery!



The Supreme Court’s Decision in BRADLEY WESTPHAL v. CITY OF ST. PETERSBURG Case No. SC13-1930 (Fla. 2016) was monumental. Prior to Westphal, an injured worker was solely entitled to two years of lost wage benefits. The Florida Supreme Court thought this two year limitation on lost wage benefits was arbitrary and negatively affected an injured worker’s access to courts and severely deprived an injured worker critical medical care and lost wages at a time while out of work. Thus, the limitation was stricken down. The Supreme Court drastically shifted the Workers’ Compensation Law from an arbitrary pro-employer law to a law that truly cares for the plight of the injured worker by increasing lost wage and medical benefit entitlement to 5 years. LaBovick Law Group has experienced South Florida Workers’ Compensation lawyers who will fight for your temporary disability benefits.



Many employers misrepresent the truth and attempt to block Workers’ Compensation claims. Workers’ Compensation attorneys in South Florida may tell an injured worker they cannot help due to the employer’s resistance to run the claim through Workers’ Compensation and/or pay for medical care.  LaBovick Law Group’s pre-eminent South Florida Workers’ Compensation Attorneys will represent your interests. By law, a Florida business with four or more employees must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. A Florida construction company must carry Workers’ Compensation insurance if it employs one or more employees. Regardless of industry type, an employer must carry insurance in the above situations or face fines, penalties, and lawsuits.  Carrying Workers’ Compensation insurance means the insurance carrier will pay for all related medical care. Workers’ Compensation Law in Florida requires the employer to remunerate employees for out-of-pocket work injury related expenses. Let an experienced South Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer guide you throughout your claim. Call us at 561-625-8400.


3) YOU PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UPFRONT FOR OUR REPRESENTATIONWorkers' Compensation Lawyer | LaBovick Labovick & Diaz

Workers’ Compensation law in Florida is strictly contingency fee based. What does this mean to you? You pay nothing out-of-pocket for our legal services.  You have the option of settling your claim. Final resolution or settlement consists of all future medical and lost wage benefits expected and attorney’s fees and costs. Our firm will not force you to settle, as we completely understand medical treatment is crucial to ensure you are able to get back to work.



Florida Workers’ Compensation Law does not require an injured worker prove someone else or something was responsible for the injuries sustained. Nor is it in any way relevant that the injured may have contributed to the accident/injuries. Florida Workers’ Compensation Law solely requires an injured worker to prove he/she was injured at work. That is it! Report the accident within 30 days to a supervisor or manager and the Workers’ Compensation insurer must provide medical care and lost wage benefits if relevant to your situation. However, many insurers deny and delay medical care and lost wage benefits. You will need a South Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to fight vigorously for all medical and lost wage benefits to which you may be entitled. It is essential you hire an experienced South Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawyer.


LaBovick Law Group specializes in advocating for our client’s rights as the leading Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in South Florida. Our representation costs you NOTHING! We will discuss the case strategy and potential for settlement. DO NOT wait for the Insurance Company to do the right thing, contact LaBovick Law Group, 24/7, 365 days a year. We are here to fight for you!

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